Heads of YG and C-JeS Entertainment meet up raising curiosity about a possible partnership

8 Oct

YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk was seen meeting with C-JeS Entertainment’s CEO Baek Chang Joo somewhere in Seoul near the end of September. This meeting is attracting attention from not only fans but the entertainment industry as a whole, who suspect it might have greater implications than a casual meet-up between two friends.

Due to the recent merging and contracts between SM and Woollim Entertainment as well as Cube and iHQ, some speculated that perhaps this meeting between YG and C-JeS indicates that they’re in talks of striking a similar relationship with each other. As YG has the ever popular Big Bang, 2NE1, Psy, and more, while C-JeS has JYJ as well as influential actors, the two companies would make a powerful team indeed if the speculations turn out to be true.

However, in relation to these theories and speculations, a representative commented, “It was just a simple get-together to share a meal… Please do not stretch the meaning so far. It was only a meeting to exchange greetings, nothing more or less.”

So it seems we’ll just have to keep our eyes out to see if anything actually comes about from this meeting!


Source : allkpop


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